Have Fun without Having a Blast

The "Have Fun Without Having a Blast" campaign starts with each and every one of us.

We’ve launched this campaign to appeal to the hearts and minds of citizens who are tempted to sell and use scratch bombs and illegal fireworks.

To the shopkeeper who sells scratch bombs, to the parents who buy them for their children, and to the young people who light them without a thought for the damage they inflict... Please think about your actions. Scratch bombs are illegal and can cause serious harm to life and limb.

There are serious repercussions for the use of scratch bombs and illegal fireworks. In 2016 during Divali celebrations, Sally-Ann Cuffie of Talparo lost her thumbs while trying to protect her grandchild from a scratch bomb blast. Every year too many are forced to deal with the trauma after a night of festivities: from pet-owners to the young and the elderly who are particularly affected by the nuisance of loud noises and explosions from scratch bombs and illegal fireworks.

From a legal perspective, you can be liable to a $1,000 fine if found throwing, casting, setting fire to or letting scratch bombs off. Furthermore, the use of fireworks in an area defined as a “town”, including Port of Spain, without permission from the Commissioner of Police at least 48 hours in advance, is illegal and subject to a $1,000 fine.

We’re asking that you notify the police if you know of the use or the sale of scratch bombs in your neighbourhood. If you believe fireworks are being set off without the requisite licenses, please report this too. One of our key stakeholders in this campaign is the Police Service and other law enforcement agencies who have committed to crack down on this problem with the priority it deserves.

This national campaign is spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications in collaboration with the Ministries of National Security and Education, TTUTA, and other Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments.

For further details, please contact the Corporate Communications Unit, MPAC: 623-8578 Ext 2016 or email us at communicationsdivision@mpa.gov.tt