In light of the COVID -19 Pandemic, the TCU  notifies the public of the temporary postponement/suspension of ITEC and SINGAPORE courses.

  •   ITEC –

“… has rescheduled all ITEC training programmes which were due to start March 6, 2020 to the next financial year (April 2020 onwards).

... it also informed that applications for March 2020 courses will lapse and as such, those who applied for the courses in March as well as those who were granted approval to attend courses in March will have to re-apply in the next financial year (beginning April 2020).

This is because the financial year in India ends on March 31, 2020”.

  SCPTA – “… has informed that all courses and study visit under the Singapore Cooperation Programme are suspended until further notice.

… it also advised that it will stop processing applications previously submitted for courses under the SCP with immediate effect”.