Public Service Academy


The Public Service Academy (PSA) aims to become the preferred provider of Human Resource Development training to line ministries, departments, statutory and other agencies. It is an Agency in which is vested the institutional knowledge of Human Resource Development in the Public Service and is therefore geared to deliver appropriate and relevant services in a cost effective and timely manner.

The Public Service Academy is committed to:

  • Providing its clients with quality human resource development interventions
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with Human Resource Units and ministries / departments with a view to building HR capacity and exchanging ideas and cooperating in agreed initiatives.
  • Providing short term local and overseas training to public servants.
  • Ensuring that the highest training standards are maintained by monitoring the quality of training to public servants.
  • Encouraging stakeholders to actively participate in the evaluation process with a view to ensuring that benchmarks are attained.
  • Encouraging its staff to embrace the philosophy of life-long learning.
  • Providing relevant and modern library resources to public officers.

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