Libraries Instead of LifeSport - Maloney Public Library Opens




“While they support Lifesport, we support libraries” declared the Minister of Public Administration and Communications, the Honourable Maxie Cuffie as he opened the Maloney Public Library.

The library was one of three libraries that no work was done on during the last administration. According to the Minister, the Maloney Public library, the San Juan library and the Tunapuna library were allowed to deteriorate while “250 million dollars was spent to create a facility to house prisoners.”
The Minister was referring to the Santa Rosa Correctional Facility which the previous Government acquired, refurbished and outfitted at a hefty price tag to tax payers.

“…the contribution of this facility to lifting the community of Maloney Gardens, will far outweigh that derived from the establishment of a correctional facility,” promised Cuffie.
He also gave the assurance that administration of which he’s apart will take a different approach:
“While they sought to ensure that your sons and daughters are deprived of their liberty, we ensure through the provision of facilities such as these, that your sons and daughters are emancipated by freeing of their minds.”

The Minister said his Ministry has made a concerted effort to build more libraries and the hope is “if we build more libraries, we might just discover that we need fewer correctional facilities. If we purchase more books, we might just discover that we have to feed less people behind bars.”

Since the assuming office in 2015, the Minister opened the Rio Claro and Couva libraries; he hopes to hand over the Dr. Eric Williams Memorial Library to the University of the West Indies soon, while it’s expected that the Mayaro Library will be completed shortly.

The refurbished library is located at Willet Avenue in Maloney and has been upgraded to include a new Multipurpose Room, a Young Adult section, increased seating capacity, wheelchair access, a refitted of the Children’s Library section as well as many other new and improved facilities.

Today’s opening is part of NALIS’ national celebrations to observe National Library Week 2016.