MPAC meets with new Chairman of the PSC to discuss Public Service Reform and ICT


The Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communications held his first meeting today with Mrs. Maureen Manchouck, newly appointed Chairman of the Public Service Commission, in what he described as another step to accelerate public service reform.

The use of ICT for greater access to e-government services and to improve productivity was also high on the agenda for the meeting. “Mrs. Manchouck shares my passion for the delivery of public services through the use of ICT, that’s one of the areas we will be discussing…the Ministry of Administration and Communications has as its core product the delivery of ICT as part of its new mandate,” Minister Cuffie said.

Mrs. Manchouck expressed the intention to focus on a more efficient Public Service Commission within the first year as Chairman. “There’s a lot of work to be done, the focus will be on the future state of the service commission’s department and how we can fulfil our mandate in a more efficient manner, working with the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications” she said.

Also present at the meeting was Ms. Sandra Jones, Head of the Public Service and Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, and Ms. Denise Duncan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications.