22 March, 2016


minister to drive public service efficiency

The Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communications said that the Government will develop policies and processes which will enhance the lives of citizens.
Minister Cuffie also committed to the delivery of better public services to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
But he said the government needs to get a better return from the $10 billion spent annually on the 66, 000 persons employed in the public sector.
“There is need to re-orient the public service to the present economic realities,” stated Minister Cuffie.
In underscoring the importance of the public sector to this process, he noted that “the extent of the corruption problem nationally represents inefficiencies in the public service delivery process.”
As Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Minister Cuffie plans to lead the transformation of the public sector in a manner which reflects the aspirations of the country.
The Minister made these comments during a meeting with Heads from the now merged Ministries of Public Administration and Communications.

On Thursday March 17th, 2016 the Prime Minister advised the President to reassign Minister Cuffie from Minister with responsibility for Communications to Minister with responsibility for Public Administration and Communications.
The Minister believes there are synergies between the two portfolios: public administration and communications, and emphasised a ‘whole of government’ approach to service delivery in Trinidad and Tobago.