National Flag to be Flown at Half-Mast in Observance of the Passing of Former Prime Minister, Mr. Patrick Manning


The Ministry of National Security is advising all state and non-state agencies and all Trinidad and Tobago diplomatic missions abroad that the National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago is to be flown at half-mast in observance of the passing of former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr Patrick Manning. Mr Manning passed away early this morning.

The National Flag should be flown at half-mast or half-staff lowering the flag by its own depth from its normal position at the peak of the staff when the nation is in mourning.

At half-mast, the flag is first hoisted to the top of the staff for an instant, and then lowered to the half-mast position. Before lowering the flag down for the day the flag is again raised to the top of the staff. Other flags on the same stand of poles should also be at half-mast or should not be flown at all when the National Flag is at half-mast. Flags of foreign nations should not be flown at half mast, unless their country is also observing mourning.

Marcia Hope

Manager - Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications Unit (CCU)

Ministry of National Security

Temple Court I, 31-33 Abercromby Street