MPAC Delivers First Project for Budget 2017


The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications (MPAC) has achieved its first accomplishment for Budget 2017.

The Minister of Public Administration and Communications, the Honourable Maxie Cuffie this morning opened the Ministry’s car park on Abercromby Street stating “it is a ground breaking project in terms of what we are able to do…now the Budget isn’t passed yet but the project is already finished.”

He explained “before anyone asked how we could have done it before the budget was passed, this was done using funds from the last budget. Now as you all know the budget cycle starts in April with the issue of the call circular, now after the call circular was issued we submitted this project as one of the items we needed to have done in 2017. As the year came to an end we realised that we would have some extra funds which we needed to utilise before the end of the financial year; we embarked on this project as one of those, we got Cabinet approval to finish it and we had the approval of the Minister of Finance to move the funds to be able to complete it.”

The car park is part of the Ministry’s wider plan to eliminate waste by the Government. The Ministry currently has twenty-eight (28) reserved spaces at the Parkade at the corners of Queen and Edward Streets which cost $178,200.00 annually but with the opening of the new car park, the MPAC will give up twenty (20) of those spaces which results in savings totalling $132,000.00.

The opening of the MPAC’s carpark also results in reduced overall parking cost in the mid-term. The project began on August 23rd, procurement took three (3) weeks and implementation was done over a two week period. Minister Cuffie said the car park represents a new way to deliver projects in the public sector and is a demonstration that public sector reform is possible and is ongoing.

“Now this is important because it sets a new benchmark in terms of the delivery of public services. Everywhere you go you hear people talking about the length of time it takes to do projects and how long the procurement cycle takes. The procurement which normally takes three months, we were able to do in three weeks.”

The car park was completed below budget: the first estimate was $924,000.00, Cabinet only approved a cost of $685,300.00, but in the end the final cost was $496,696.99.

Moreover, the opening of the new car park means the MPAC is now able to improve the working conditions, and by extension parking for public servants. It is hoped that this will result in the creation of a large pool of highly-motivated workers, boost productivity and allow the Government to make greater demands of public officers now that they have improved their working conditions.


  • The car park is owned by the MPAC.
  • The car park currently holds 32 cars; will be able to hold more once the guard booth is removed.
  • Increased opportunities to support weekend and public holiday official activities.
  • The exit gate (northern gate) will not be accessible until October 5th, 2016.