Wallerfield is the Most Promising Field in T&T

February 12,2017


“For those of us who understand what Pt. Lisas meant to the economy of Trinidad and Tobago, it is easy to see how this Tamana Intech Park, properly managed and monetized could lead us out of the doldrums of an economic downturn.”

So said Minister of Public Administration and Communications, the Honourable Maxie Cuffie at an official ceremony which preceded the tour of Tamana InTech Park, a world-class Science and Industrial Park located in Trinidad and Tobago.

He suggested that “if data is the new oil, then Wallerfield, as the wider area is more commonly known, is the most promising field in Trinidad and Tobago.”
According to Minister Cuffie, the advent of the park is the realisation of a vision long held by the Government to diversify the country’s economy away from oil and gas. As the Minister who holds the portfolio for ICT, he feels that the park has the potential to create highly-paid sustainable jobs of sufficient quantities to significantly impact the lives of persons in communities around the country.

Tamana InTech Park has provisionally allocated:

  • two (2) lots to Business Process Outsourcing
  • four (4) lots to Data Processing/Centres
  • three (3) lots to Animation and Software Development
  • three (3) to High Value Manufacturing and
  • five (5) to Financial Services.

Highlighting the global angst about the lack of opportunities, Minister Cuffie said Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is also evolving in a way that will make it more and more difficult for people with lower levels of education to find jobs and support themselves.

However, he is optimistic that Tamana InTech Park can be this country’s Silicon Valley “where opportunity and ingenuity can abound, where creativity and collaboration would collide to produce new, high paying, sustainable careers...”

Minister Cuffie also revealed that the Government is refining several proposals that will bring major investments to the park.

“With the amount of data that we are all producing today, and that this Intech Park has the capacity to produce, we believe we are sitting on a huge reserve of untapped wealth. Indeed, I make bold to say that data will be our new currency.”